DownTown Ensemble Repertoire, 1984-1995

ROBERT ASHLEY: Quartet (1972)

BARBARA BENARY: Sun on Snow (for voice and ensemble)

Hot-Rolled Steel, 1993 version, large ensemble

KRYSTYNA BOBROWSKI: Drop Roll and Rock (1989) for 2 pnos, 2 performers

JIM BOROS: The Hen Series (tape and live readers)


November 1952 (graphic score)

GAVIN BRYARS: Mr. Sunshine (1968)

JOHN CAGE: Radio Music (1956)

Solo for Voice 2 (1960)

Solo for Voice 23

Solo for Voice 43


Treatise (1963-67)

Octet 71

ROBERT CARL: Waterlight (1978) for piano and vibraphone

ANTHONY COLEMAN: Grey and Grey (Minima Moralia 3)

Light At End (at NMA'89)

NICOLAS COLLINS: 100 of the World's Most Beautiful Melodies for digital trombone and ensemble

PHILIP CORNER: Air Effect (1962)


gamelan VO IM-PR(ZS), communal

One Note for Bob Watts

Gong/Ear (1989, with dancer)

4th Finale (1964, fluxmarch)

circle (composed for the Ensemble, 1995)

ALVIN CURRAN: from VSTO -- for Giacinto

JON DEAK: Sinister Tremors (for cl., perc., tape)

NICK DIDKOVSKY: Metamusic/Metatext for computer & ensemble

VIOLETA DINESCU: Echos II, for piano and percussion

DAN ERKKILA: Cannonade


MORTON FELDMAN: Intersections 2 (1951) for piano

MIGUEL FRASCONI: Studies out of Running & Longing (vn., 2 toy pianos)

JAMES FULKERSON: Music for Audience, Movement for Musicians

Used, Abused, and Cheap Imitations II

HARLEY GABER: The Narrow Road to the Deep North (graphic score)

JON GIBSON: Untitled (1975)

Rock Game (1993) for hand-held stones

MALCOLM GOLDSTEIN: The Fragility of Line (graphic score)

Yosha's Morning Song/with instrumental extensions (graphic score)

DANIEL GOODE: Figure/Ground (for slide piece by David Gearey)

Stamping in the Dark (with participation)

Walking Down the Avenue (for accordion)

Shaking Music (NYSCA commission for DTE)

Fiddle Studies (for four wind instruments)

Wind Symphony

Managua-Matagalpa-Music (w. slides by S. Cagan)

Phrases of the Hermit Thrush (1974) for clarinet

The Thrush from Upper Dunakyn (1976, gtr. arr.)

Tuba Thrush (1984, arr. for piano)

Tunnel-Funnel (for 15 instruments),'88, '89 (NMA)

Eine Kleine... (for mixed ensemble)

Three Talking Sculptures for Election Day (1992)

Leaverage (1993)

NOD-DRAMA (1993), large ensemble

DANIEL GOODE and PETER ZUMMO: Circular Breathing Event #2

STEVE GORN: Alankar (trio, composed for the Ensemble, 1995)

MARIANNE GREVE: Kammermusik mit Salinenkrebse (ensemble with live brine-shrimp, graphic score)

RICHARD HAYMAN: Arc of Continuous Sounds (for noise objects)

Rake the Wind (1993)

WILLIAM HELLERMANN: To Prevent Decay (graphic score)

Ancient Virtues

En-trances (with audience participation)

After Dinner Music (live sound sculpture)

El Ropo '' '' ''

Music Sweeps Up '' '' ''

One Bar Blues '' '' ''

Long Island Sound

Circlemusic 2 (1971)

On the Vanishing Point (ens., tape, slides)

nests (participation piece w. bird calls)

At Sea (1975) graphic score realized for piano

Juicy Music (at NMA'89)

Post/Pone (1990) (NYSCA commission for DTE)

For John C-A-G-E (1992) for pfte, ensemble

Hoist By Your Own Ritard, for ens. and piano stool

Rake's Progress (1983) for rake, leaves, ens., digital kb.

Taps, for stones

Standing Offer (A Techno-illogical Etude)

DICK HIGGINS: Long Constellation (1965), for chimes, trumpets

To Everything Its Season (1958), conductor, dice...

October (1993) for vacuum cleaner and leaves

Firefly Music (world premiere)

ELEANOR HOVDA: No Snow (vln., cl., gtr., bowed pf.; commission)

(2nd performance presented on "Interpretations" series)

TOSHI ICHIYANAGI: Music for Electric Metronome (1960)

TOM JOHNSON: Bedtime Stories (for narrator and clarinet)

MAURICIO KAGEL: Ludwig Van (1970), arr.: Fulkerson using Mozart

JOHN KING: secretmusic (Project Harmony)

GUY KLUCEVSEK: Caterpillar Canon (NYSCA commission for DTE)

Paer Music



Haricot-Pois (graphic scores,w. voice, tape)

Turning Over an Old Leaf (1993)

A Variety of Rocks (1993)

ALCIDES LANZA: penetrations II (1969-IV), (graphic score w. tape)


Piece for Rocks and Water (1976)

MARY JANE LEACH: 4 BC (for live and taped bass clarinets)

8 x 4 (composed for the DTE)

Lake Eden (with five electric keyboards; w. mixed ensemble)

Untitled for four trombones

ANNEA LOCKWOOD: Nautilus (1989 for winds, perc., electronics)

Spirit-Catchers (1974, live electronics)

Amazonia Dreaming for solo snare drum

Secret Life (for Jon Deak) solo contrabass

JACKSON MAC LOW: Instruments: "Clarinet" & "Electrtic Guitar"

A Phoneme Dance for John Cage's 75th Birthday (with Anne Tardos)

Lucas 1-29 (1990), in memoriam Morton Feldman

DAVID MAHLER: Into the Melting Pot March for hand-held stones



MICHAEL NYMAN: In Re Don Giovanni

PAULINE OLIVEROS: Deep Listening Pieces:

l. Follow Yourself

2. Exchanges

3. The New Sound Meditation

4. Angels and Demons

Pebble Music (1992), for pebbles and instruments

YOKO ONO: Breath Piece (1966),

Bicycle Piece for Orchestra (1962),

Voice Piece for Soprano (1961)

MICHAEL PARSONS: Sixes and Sevens

Kucinata (trad. Macedonia, arr. Parsons)

Syzygy 3 & 6

Scala 3

Canon in Proportional Tempi

Guitar Piece for Peter Cusack


LARRY POLANSKY: An Unhappy Set of Coincidences

Quartet for Paula Ravitz

3 Studies for computer and performers

Duet for computer and performers

JAMES PUGLIESE: Virus: the Sequel (1993) for percussion solo

NEIL ROLNICK: An Irish Peace (composed for the DownTown Ensemble)





Eirenicon 2 & 4

Chorale I, Bagatelle, Chorale II, Call, Axis (arr. Parsons)

June'77, Toccata for piano

In Tandem

ANNE TARDOS: We Repair Butterflies Here in Less than a Month (two live voices and tape with slides))

Among Men (with slide projections)

JAMES TENNEY: Ergodos with Responses (1964) for computer generated tape with ensemble

In the Aeolian Mode

USHIO TORIKAI: Movement for solo flute

You and Me (1989) for ensemble and electronics

GIUSEPPE VERDI: Grand Egyptian March from Aida (Scratch Orch. arr: Parsons)

ROBERT WATTS (Fluxpieces): Two Inches (1962)

Event: 10 (1962)

Trace for Orchestra (1965)

Feed the Ensemble

F/H Trace (1963)

CAROLE WEBER: Chant (from Meditation Cycle) (participation)

JOHN WHITE: PT Machine (1969)

St. Vitus Dance Music Assembly Machine

CHRISTIAN WOLFF: Stones (1973)

JOHN ZORN: Road Runner for accordion

PETER ZUMMO: Color Matrix

Song VI (from Six Songs, for Trisha Brown Co.)

Peaceful Transportation for trombone, ensemble

Tennis Hooliganism, speaker and ensemble

The Time Land Forgot (1993), large ensemble